Research Committees (RC) - Complete list of Research Committees


RC01 - Concepts and Methods
RC02 - Political Elites
RC03 - European Unification
RC04 - Visual Politics
RC05 - Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics
RC06 - Political Sociology
RC07 - Women and Politics in the Global South
RC08 - Legislative Specialists
RC09 - Comparative Judicial Studies
RC10 - Electronic Democracy
RC11 - Science and Politics
RC12 - Biology and Politics
RC13 - Democratization in Comparative Perspective
RC14 - Politics and Ethnicity
RC15 - Political and Cultural Geography
RC16 - Socio-Political Pluralism
RC17 - Comparative Public Opinion
RC18 - Asian and Pacific Studies
RC19 - Gender Politics and Policy
RC20 - Political Finance and Political Corruption
RC21 - Political Socialization and Education
RC22 - Political Communication
RC23 - Elections, Citizens and Parties
RC24 - Armed Forces and Society
RC25 - Comparative Health Policy
RC26 - Human Rights
RC27 - Structure and Organization of Government
RC28 - Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance
RC29 - Political Psychology
RC30 - Comparative Public Policy
RC31 - Political Philosophy
RC32 - Public Policy and Administration
RC33 - The Study of Political Science as a Discipline
RC34 - Quality of Democracy
RC35 - Technology and Development
RC36 - Political Power
RC37 - Rethinking Political Development
RC38 - Politics and Business
RC39 - Welfare States and Developing Societies
RC40 - New World Orders?
RC41 - Geopolitics
RC42 - Security, Integration and Unification
RC43 - Religion and Politics
RC44 - Security, Conflict and Democratization
RC45 - Quantitative International Politics
RC46 - Migration and Citizenship
RC47 - Local-Global Relations
RC48 - Administrative Culture
RC49 - Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy
RC50 - The Politics of Language
RC51 - International Political Economy
RC52 - Climate Security and Planetary Politics
RC53 - Indigenous Politics