Tribute to Serge Hurtig

Serge Hurtig Tribute

During the 22nd World Congress of political science that was held in Madrid (Spain), IPSA payed tribute to the exceptional contribution of Serge Hurtig to the development of the association for the past 60 years.

His connection with IPSA dates back to 1952, when he attended the Hague Congress as assistant to Jean Meynaud, then Secretary General. He was IPSA’s Secretary General from 1960 to 1967, and Vice President of the Executive Committee from 1979 to 1985. Appointed in 1963 editor of the International Political Science Abstracts, which had been founded in 1951, he was joined in that position by Paul Godt in 2000. Paul Godt became editor in 2003, with Serge Hurtig continuing as co-editor.

You will find below written testimonials from friends and colleagues that highlight the contribution of Serge Hurtig to IPSA and the development of the discipline of political science.

And, most of these tributes were presented during the special session of the World Congress of Political Science IPSA and Serge Hurtig, 1952-2012, the First 60 Years that was held on July 11 2012 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. You will find the recording of the session below.


Serge Hurtig: L’interdépendance bienveillante (in French)
Yves Deloye
Secretary-General of the French Political Science Association (AFSP)
Director of the journal Revue française de science politique (RFSP)

Serge Hurtig: Keeper of the Flame
Max Kaase
Jacobs University Bremen
IPSA President (2003-2006)

Serge Hurtig: Pilier de la science politique (in French)
Jean Leca
Sciences Po Paris
IPSA President (1994-1997)

Serge Hurtig: Phare de l'AISP (in French)
John Trent
Université d'Ottawa
IPSA Secretary-General (1976-1988)

In Ré Serge Hurtig
Theodore J. Lowi
Cornell University
IPSA President (1997-2000)

De deux anniversaires: Serge Hurtig and the Abstracts (in French & English)
Jean Laponce
University of British Columbia
IPSA President (1973-1976)
International Political Science Review Editor 1986-2002

The IPSA of Serge Hurtig
Leonardo Morlino
IPSA President (2009-2012)

Serge Hurtig: Maître et ami (in French)
Bertrand Badie
Science Po Paris
International Encyclopedia of Political Science Editor
IPSA Executive Committee member (2003-2009)

Our tribute to Serge
Lourdes Sola
University of São Paulo
IPSA President (2006-2009)
Chair of the IPSA Committee of Organization, Procedures and Awards (COPA)

Serge Hurtig: un marathonien de la connaissance (in French)
Guy Lachapelle
Concordia University
IPSA Secretary-General (2000-2020)

Homage to Serge Hurtig
Paul Godt
Science Po Paris
International Political Science Abstracts Editor

IPSA and Serge Hurtig, 1952-2012, the First 60 Years