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Participation is the Bulletin of the International Political Science Association. Publication began in the spring of 1977 as an initiative of the IPSA Secretariat and was carried forward by Secretary Generals John Coakley and Guy Lachapelle, and now Executive Director Kim Fontaine-Skronski. For many years it was the primary mechanism for internal communications within IPSA. It carried articles in three different categories: IPSA events and related news from the Executive; news from national political science associations; and news from the Research Committees, which carry out much of IPSA’s scholarly work.

In 2010 the IPSA Executive Committee decided that because much of the information that had previously been provided through Participation could now be provided through the monthly e-Newsletter and through the IPSA website, the functions of Participation could evolve in a new direction.

After experimenting with articles featuring political science perspectives on political developments in different parts of the world, Participation was quickly rebranded as the principal source of information regarding the IPSA World Congress of Political Science. To this day, Participation is published every two years to promote the upcoming IPSA World Congress of Political Science. Its issues contains in-depth information about the Congress, along with the traditional content about IPSA, national associations and Research Committees news.

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