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REMINDER - 1 Week Left for Closed Panel/Paper Submission for WC2016! /RAPPEL - Plus qu'une semaine pour soumettre votre proposition de panel fermé/communication pour le WC2016!

You have one week left to submit your closed panel or paper proposals for the next IPSA World Congress of Political Science!

**You have until October 7 to submit your closed panel or paper proposals**

Please take notice of the Instructions before submitting your panel proposal.




Il ne vous reste qu'une semaine pour soumettre votre proposition de panel fermé ou de communication pour le prochain Congrès mondial de science politique de l'AISP!

**La date limite pour la soumission de panel fermé et de communication est le 7 octobre!**

Veuillez prendre acte des Instructions (en anglais seulement) avant de soumettre votre proposition de panel et de communication.



RC08 Legislative Specialists at the 12th Annual Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians

As part of a broader initiative to help build a closer relationship between parliamentary scholars and practitioners (see separate news item), RC08 organized a panel on Legislative Capacity Building at the 12th  annual workshop of parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians, held at Wroxton College (United Kingdom) July 25-26, 2015. Chaired by Rick Stapenhurst (McGill University; RC08 Co-Chair), the panelists presented recent examples of knowledge-based, research-driven approaches to technical assistance to, and capacity building programs for, parliaments, highlighting cases where scholarly research has informed either the design and implementation, or evaluation, of practitioner programs.

IPSA Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RC08) Collaborates with World Bank, USAID to Develop a “Community of Practice” of Scholars and Practitioners Interested in Legislative Development

More than a decade ago, the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS), under the leadership of David Olson, Rick Stapenhurst and Riccardo Pelizzo, organized the first formal interaction between scholars and practitioners in a panel at the Southern Political Science Association’s annual meeting (New Orleans, Jan 7-10, 2004). Focusing on government accountability and legislative oversight, that panel brought together officials from the World Bank with leading scholars, including Thomas Remmington, Edward Schneir, Mark Shephard, Timothy Power and Scott Desposato. RCLS, under leadership of Irina Khmelko, expended its outreach to practitioners in 2010 and organized another formal interaction between scholars and practitioners at another panel at SPSA meeting and brought USAID practitioners into collaboration. Since that time, there has been ongoing collaboration between RCLS and these two development agencies, culminating in a decision at the end of last year to create a virtual “community of practice” (CoP) comprising scholars and practitioners which would facilitate both a greater awareness of the information and data needs of the practitioner community among the academic community, on the one hand and of emerging research topics and results, among the practitioners, on the other.