Participation - Volume 39, Number 1, July 2015

In this issue

Special Issue! 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science


  • Füsun Türkmen, Letter from the President of the Local Organization Committee
  • Marian Sawer and Dianne Pinderhughes, Converging on Istanbul - Political Scientists Refocus on Inequality
  • Structure of the 24th World Congress of Political Science
  • Congress Theme: Politics in a World of Inequality
  • Registration
  • New Event Project Manager at the Secretariat
  • A Bridge Between Two Continents: Discover the City of Istanbul
  • Practical Information on Travelling to Turkey
  • Venue and Transportation
  • Sule Kut, A History of the Turkish Political Science Association
  • IPSA Participation
  • National Associations News
  • Research Committees News
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