Niels Spierings Named the Recipient of the 2023 Meisel-Laponce Award

Niels Spierings Named the Recipient of the 2023 Meisel-Laponce Award

Publication date: Thu, 26 Jan 2023

The International Political Science Review (IPSR) editors are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2023 Meisel-Laponce Award for the best article in IPSR is Dr. Niels Spierings for his article Democratic Disillusionment? Desire for Democracy after the Arab Uprisings
Sponsored by IPSA and SAGE Publications, the Meisel Laponce Award was established in honour of John Meisel and Jean Laponce, the first two editors of IPSR. The first award was given at the IPSA World Congress in Madrid in July 2012, and was initially awarded at every two IPSA World Congress of Political Science for the best article published in IPSR in the previous four years. Starting in 2023, the frequency of the award changed to every World Congress instead of every two World Congresses. The fourth award will be presented at the 27th IPSA World Congress in Buenos Aires, in July 2023.
The award is decided with the help of members of the IPSR Editorial Board. Our board members have highly commended all the short-listed articles for their contribution to political science and for dealing with issues of current political and theoretical importance. The articles shortlisted for the 2023 Meisel-Laponce Award are available to access online:

Niels Spierling (2020). ‘Democratic Disillusionment? Desire for Democracy after the Arab Uprisings’. International Political Science Review 41 (4), 522-537.  

Monica Ferrín, Marta Fraile, Gema M García-Albacete and Raúl Gómez (2020). ‘The gender gap in political interest revisited’. International Political Science Review 41 (4), 473-489.

Johanna Kantola and Emanuela Lombardo (2021). ‘Opposition strategies of right populists against gender equality in a polarized the European Parliament’. International Political Science Review 42 (5), 565-579.    

Jürgen Maier and Alessandro Nai (2021). ‘Mapping the drivers of negative campaigning: Insights from a candidate survey’. International Political Science Review 0 (0).

Zittel, Thomas, Tom Louwerse, Helene Helboe Pedersen and Wouter Schakel (2021). ‘Should we conduct correspondence study field experiments with political elites?’. International Political Science Review 0 (0).

O’Brien, Erin, Justine Coneybeer, Martijn Boersma and Alice Payne (2022). ‘Political investorism: Conceptualising the political participation of shareholders and investors’. International Political Science Review 0 (0).

Dr. Niels Spierings is Associate Professor in Sociology at Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). His work focuses on processes of inclusion and exclusion, covering multiple domains, regions in the world and societal hierarchies. Among his strengths, is the building of bridges between methods, disciplines and theories. Questions on gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity in democratic and social politics have been the subject of his particular attention. He has extensively studied public opinion on gender relations, tolerance and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as among Muslim people in Western Europe. In this work he often transcends simplistic debates on culture versus rationality or Islam versus Western culture. On these and other themes, he has published multiple monographs with Palgrave and in a wide range of journals. He is also deeply engaged in policy advice and public engagement.