New Issue of IPSR Published - Volume 41, Number 3, June 2020

New Issue of IPSR Published - Volume 41, Number 3, June 2020

Publication date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020

The latest issue of the International Political Science Review (IPSR) for June 2020 has been published. IPSA members can access the full IPSR archive from 1980 to the present through their My IPSA menu.

Published by SAGE, IPSR is the journal of the International Political Science Association and is committed to publishing peer-reviewed material that makes a significant contribution to international political science. It seeks to appeal to political scientists throughout the world and in all sub-fields of the discipline who are interested in studying political phenomena in the context of increasing international interdependence and change.

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Articles Featured in the June 2020 Issue:

Reassessing the relationship between elections and democratization

Does talking matter? A quasi-experiment assessing the impact of deliberation and information on opinion change

Understanding the use of recall referendums: Evidence from Ecuador

Electoral reform and partisan dealignment in Indonesia

Does the constitution matter? Semi-presidentialism and the origin of hegemonic personalist regimes

Explaining high rates of political participation among Chinese migrants to Australia,

Neither unitary nor federal: Did Bolivians invent something new?

Can information campaigns impact preferences toward vote selling? Theory and evidence from Kenya

Democratizing dictators? Non-democratic regime conditions and the allocation of US democracy assistance, 1975–2010

Economic governance: Does it make or break a dominant party equilibrium? The case of India