New Issue of IPSR Published (Volume 40, Number 5, Nov. 2019)

New Issue of IPSR Published (Volume 40, Number 5, Nov. 2019)

Publication date: Fri, 29 Nov 2019

A new issue of International Political Science Review (IPSR) has been published.

IPSR is committed to publishing peer-reviewed articles that make a significant contribution to international political science. It seeks to appeal to political scientists throughout the world and in all sub-fields of the discipline who are interested in studying political phenomena in the context of increasing international interdependence and change. IPSR reflects the aims and intellectual tradition of its parent body, the International Political Science Association: to foster the creation and dissemination of rigorous political inquiry while respecting different approaches and methods.


IPSR - Volume 40, Number 5, November 2019



Explaining variation in the implementation of global norms: Gender mainstreaming of security in the OSCE and the EU
Anne Jenichen, Jutta Joachim and Andrea Schneiker

The effects of party identification on perceptions of pledge fulfilment:  Evidence from Portugal
Ana Maria Belchior

The more concentrated, the better represented? The geographical  concentration of immigrants and their descriptive representation in the  German mixed-member system
Lucas Geese and Diana Schacht

Closer to the state, closer to the polls? The different impact of corruption on turnout among public employees and other citizens
Sabina Haveric, Stefano Ronchi and Laura Cabeza

Education and trust: A tale of three continents
Cecilia Güemes and Francisco Herreros

Social life and political trust in China: Searching for machers and schmoozers
Yinxuan Huang

Review Article

The securitisation of migration: Its limits and consequences
Krzysztof Jaskulowski