Marking the International Day of La Francophonie 2024: IPSA's 75-Year Journey with the French Language

Marking the International Day of La Francophonie 2024: IPSA's 75-Year Journey with the French Language

Publication date: Mon, 18 Mar 2024

Photo: Plenary session on Globalization and Domestic Policy Change. The 2014 IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Montréal, Canada.

Today is the International Day of La Francophonie, celebrated annually on 20 March. This event marks French Language Day at the United Nations and commemorates the foundation, in 1970, of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), which today unites 88 member countries to promote the French language and foster political, educational, economic and cultural cooperation.

We extend our greetings to our French-speaking members and all those around the world who share a passion for the French language. The International Day of La Francophonie celebrates the richness and diversity of the French-speaking world, estimated by the OIF at over 321 million French speakers across all continents.




IPSA and Bilingualism 
As IPSA commemorates its 75th anniversary in 2024, it honors its historical ties to the French language since its establishment. Founded in Paris in 1949, IPSA's origins are closely linked to Sciences Po Paris (Institut d'études politiques de Paris), where IPSA was based until 1967.

IPSA is a bilingual political science association that traditionally has recognized both English and French as its official languages. French is highly valued within IPSA, as evidenced by the active participation of numerous French-speaking national political science associations and members. These members make significant contributions to IPSA's efforts, including organizing academic events and enhancing the activities of the Research Committees. Moreover, IPSA's commitment to the French language is further demonstrated by the relocation of its Secretariat to Montréal, Québec, Canada, in 2006, made possible through the support of Concordia University and Montréal International.

The Network of French-speaking Political Science Associations
Encouraged by IPSA, the Network of French-speaking Political Science Associations (Le Réseau des associations francophones de science politique) was created in 2005. Every two years since then, the Network of French-speaking Political Science Associations organizes an international congress bringing together researchers from the following associations: 

IPSA also has four other French-speaking Collective members that promote political science education, research, and advocacy in their respective countries and regions: The Société camerounaise de science politique, the Association tunisienne d'études politiques; the Canadian Political Science Association (Association canadienne de science politique) and the Association libanaise de science politique.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, IPSA is currently organizing the Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance conference (25-26 April 2024, Montréal) in collaboration with the Canadian Political Science Association and the Société québécoise de science politique. Members of both associations benefit from a reduced registration fee to attend the conference. You have until 22 March 2024 to register for the conference.

Upcoming Congresses of IPSA’s French-speaking Associations

The 61st Congress of the Société québécoise de science politique (SQSP)
29-31 May 2024, University of Ottawa, Canada
You can register for the Congress until 28 May. For more information:

The 2024 Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) Annual Conference
12-14 June 2024, McGill University, Montréal, Canada
The CPSA conference will be held during the 2024 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. The early bird registration deadline is 31 March 2024. For more information:

The 17th National Congress of the Association française de science politique (AFSP)
2-4 July 2024, Grenoble, France
The full program is now available. The early bird registration deadline is 30 April 2024. For more information:

The 2025 Annual Congress of the Association suisse de science politique (ASSP)
9-10 January 2025, Geneva, Switzerland
For more information:

IPSA World Congress and Major Events in French-speaking Cities

  • 2014 IPSA World Congress, Montréal: 2,323 participants
  • 2000 IPSA World Congress, Québec: 1,849 participants
  • 1985 IPSA World Congress, Paris: 1,763 participants
  • 1973 IPSA World Congress, Montréal: 1,044 participants
  • 1967 IPSA World Congress, Brussels: 745 participants
  • 1964 IPSA World Congress, Geneva: 494 participants
  • 1961 IPSA World Congress, Paris: 425 participants
  • 1950 IPSA World Congress, Zurich: 81 participants

List of Francophone IPSA Presidents

  • Jean Leca, FNSP, Paris (1994-1997)
  • Jean Laponce, University of British Columbia (1973-1976)
  • Jacques Freymond, IUHEI, Geneva, (1964-1967)
  • Jacques Chapsal, FNSP, Paris, (1958-1961)

List of Francophone Executive Director & Former Secretaries-General

  • Kim Fontaine-Skronski, Concordia University (2020-)
  • Guy Lachapelle, Concordia University (2000-2020)
  • André Philippart, Carnegie Endowment (1967-1976)
  • Serge Hurtig, FNSP, Paris, (1960-1967)
  • John Goormaghtigh, Brussels, (1955-1960)
  • Jean Meynaud, FNSP, Paris (1950-1955)
  • François Goguel, FNSP, Paris (1949-1950)