IPSR Editors’ Choice Collection: Borders and Margins

IPSR Editors’ Choice Collection: Borders and Margins

Posted by: Mr. Mathieu St-Laurent

Publication date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017

The International Political Science Review is pleased to present a special collection of articles published in IPSR since 2012, on the theme of the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science: Borders and Margins. Since 2001, an increasing number of countries have been erecting barriers to exclude others. The World Congress – which takes place in Brisbane, Australia, from July 22 to 28, 2018 – will bring a sustained focus to bear on the issues of “otherness” behind the determination of borders and increased marginalization.

Stein Sunstøl Eriksen (2012): Regimes, Constituencies and the Politics of State Formation: Zimbabwe and Botswana Compared. 33(2): 279-300

Arman Grigoryan (2012): Ethnofederalism, Separatism and Conflict: What Have We Learned from the Soviet and Yugoslav Experiences? 33(5): 520-538

Gizem Arikan and Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom (2013): The Influence of Societal Values on Attitudes Towards Immigration. 34(2): 210-226

Robert Grimm (2015): The Rise of the Eurosceptic Party Alternative für Deutschland, Between Ordoliberal Critique and Popular Anxiety. 36(3): 264-278

Nikola Mirilovic (2015): Regime Type, International Migration, and the Politics of Dual Citizenship Toleration. 36(5): 510-525

Maria Koinova (2016): Sustained vs Episodic Mobilization Among Conflict-generated Diasporas. 37(4): 500-516

The articles in the collection, now made available for free download at http://journals.sagepub.com/page/ips/collections/borders-and-margins, attest to the interest and political importance of cross-border movements in the contemporary world — and in political science. It is safe to predict that issues of borders and margins – including refugees, migration, nationalism, populism and xenophobia – will be the focus of increased attention in years to come. For definitive proof, look no further than in IPSA’s 25th World Congress at Brisbane!


The following Washington Post video shows graphically the raising of walls and fences between countries since 2001. It is highly relevant to the subject of the Editors’ Choice Collection: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/world/border-barriers/global-illegal-immigration-prevention/?pushid=breaking-news_1476279536&tid=notifi_push_breaking-news