IPSAMOOC XSeries Program is Now Available in Spanish

IPSAMOOC XSeries Program is Now Available in Spanish

Publication date: Sun, 04 Jul 2021

After the success of the XSeries Program in English, with more than 70.000 enrollments, we are pleased to announce that the XSeries Program is now available in Spanish.

All the courses are open, and are free of charge, with a certification available for learners who successfully complete the content and assignments. A small fee is payable for the issue of the certificate.

Authored by some of the most outstanding academics in the IPSA community, IPSAMOOC is a joint project that combines the expertise of IPSA and Federica WebLearning Center for open access multimedia education, and in the world's top ten for the production of MOOCs. MOOCs are currently forging exciting new links between higher education and lifelong learning. 

IPSAMOOCs are an essential tool for a wide number of learners: students who are considering or starting a degree in Political Science; professors and lecturers at any level, who can innovatively complement their existing courses; and anyone interested in a better understanding of the challenges facing contemporary democracies.

The IPSAMOOCs are available on edX, the leading MOOC platform founded by Harvard & MIT

Five of the IPSAMOOCs form part of an XSeries, a new frontier in alternative online qualifications. It combines a set of related MOOCs to form a comprehensive curriculum, leading to a professional certificate that can be included on CVs and applications. The IPSAMOOC XSeries is the first online highly qualified and certified core curriculum in Political Science from a global provider.

Courses Offered in Spanish