Discover IPSA’s 75-year History Using the Digital Timeline

Discover IPSA’s 75-year History Using the Digital Timeline

Publication date: Tue, 23 Apr 2024

To mark its 75th anniversary, IPSA is organizing two international academic conferences in 2024: The Challenges and New Directions in Multi-Level Governance conference (25-26 April 2024, Montreal) and, the Democratization and Autocratization conference (11-13 September, Lisbon). 

As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations, IPSA created a digital timeline providing a comprehensive overview of its rich history and lasting impact on the field of political science.

Visit the 75th-anniversary timeline to explore IPSA’s rich history and follow its journey through the decades. The timeline tells the story of IPSA since its founding in 1949 and offers a wealth of information, including its significant achievements, the relationship between IPSA and national political science associations worldwide, and IPSA World Congress events, presidents, publications, educational programs, research activities, and conferences.

As IPSA celebrates its 75th anniversary, this digital timeline commemorates its history and inspires its future. Join us on our continued journey to shape the future of political science worldwide!