Call for Papers: Trends in Political Science

Call for Papers: Trends in Political Science

Publication date: Sat, 01 Jul 2023

The International Political Science Abstracts seek articles for the journal's Trends in International Political Science rubric. Trends seeks to build on the abstracts published in the review, determining six burgeoning currents in the field. We gather leading articles on these trends over the last 2-4 years and seek scholars with expertise in each of these areas to write a short (3500-4000 words) review of these works (in English). A Trends article is then published as the first chapter of each bi-monthly issue of the International Political Science Abstracts and distributed to libraries around the world in both print and database editions. 

The Editors are currently looking for authors to write articles on the following topics:

1) Sortition; 

2) Economic Sanctions;

3) Indigenous Politics;

4) Negative Campaigning;

5) Emotions in Politics;

6) Mini-publics.

Authors will receive an honorarium of 500 euros, which may be shared with a co-author.

Those interested in writing an article in English on one of these topics should send an email by 10 July 2023 to with a copy to the editors Stephen Sawyer ( and Daniel Stockemer (

Please include a curriculum vitae that highlights your expertise, i.e., publications, teaching or research, in the specific trend you would like to write about. Following selection, we will contact you with the relevant article titles and abstracts and expect a first draft of the Trends article by 16 October 2023

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