Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs

Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs

The Limits of EUrope: Identities, Spaces, Values.


Publication date: Jan 2019

Bristol University Press

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Themed Issue: The Limits of EUrope: Identities, Spaces, Values. Guest Edited by Russell Foster and Jan Grzymski

(Re-)Introduction to the journal
pp. 3-4(2)
Author: Johnson, Matthew

The limits of EUrope
pp. 5-13(9)
Authors: Foster, Russell; Grzymski, Jan

Part I: De-Europanisation Theory

De-europeanisation After Brexit: Narrowing and Shallowing
pp. 15-30(16)
Author: Outhwaite, William

Theorising the EU in crisis: de-Europeanisation as disintegration
pp. 31-44(14)
Author: Rosamond, Ben

Reply: What are the driving forces of disintegration? A response to Rosamond and Outhwaite
pp. 45-50(6)
Author: Meyer, Christoph O.

Comments on Rosamond and Outhwaite: European disintegration
pp. 51-55(5)
Author: Vimont, Pierre

Reply: How Not to Talk About Europe
pp. 57-61(5)
Author: Callinicos, Alex

Reply: Response to William Outhwaite
pp. 63-66(4)
Author: Spence, David

Part II: Limits to European Identity and Memory

'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George': Europe and the Limits of Integrating Identity
pp. 67-87(21)
Author: Foster, Russell

Reply: Response to Russell Foster
pp. 89-91(3)
Author: Mills, John

What does self-determination mean today? The resurgence of nationalism and European integration in question
pp. 93-107(15)
Author: Delanty, Gerard

Reply: Comments on Gerard Delanty's Article 'What Does Self-Determination Mean Today? The Resurgence of Nationalism and European Integration in Question'
pp. 109-111(3)
Author: Casale, Roger

Victimhood as victory: The role of memory politics in the process of de-Europeanisation in East-Central Europe
pp. 113-130(18)
Author: Vermeersch, Peter

Reply: Response to 'Victimhood as Victory'
pp. 131-133(3)
Author: Grau i Segú, Martí

Part III: Limits to European Space and Borders

Seeing Like a European Border: Limits of the European Borders and Space
pp. 135-151(17)
Author: Grzymski, Jan

Reply: Reflections on Borders, Boundaries and the Limits of Europe
pp. 153-155(3)
Author: Schumacher, Tobias

Brexit: a requiem for the post-national society?
pp. 157-168(12)
Author: Favell, Adrian

Reply: Can a post-national vision better tackle racial discrimination than a national one? Response to Adrian Favell: 'Brexit: a requiem for a post-national society?'
pp. 169-173(5)
Author: Khan, Omar

Migration, solidarity and the limits of Europe
pp. 175-190(16)
Authors: Tazzioli, Martina; Walters, William

Reply: Response to 'Migration, Solidarity and the Limits of Europe' by Martina Tazzioli and William Walters
pp. 191-193(3)
Author: Fekete, Liz

Part IV: Limits to Transformative and Normative Europe

Entering the 'post-shame era': the rise of illiberal democracy, populism and neo-authoritarianism in EUrope
pp. 195-213(19)
Author: Wodak, Ruth

Reply: Response to Ruth Wodak's Paper
pp. 215-219(5)
Authors: Grabbe, Heather; Aktoudianakis, Andreas

Opportunistic legitimisation and de-Europeanisation as a reverse effect of Europeanisation
pp. 221-244(24)
Author: Domaradzki, Spasimir

Reply: Comments on 'Opportunistic legitimisationzation and de-Europeanisation as a Reverse effect of Europeanisation', by Spasimir Domaradzk
pp. 245-248(4)
Author: Stanchev, Krassen

Is homo oeconomicus an extinct species, and does it matter for EUropean integration? Attitudes towards free trade and populism
pp. 249-264(16)
Author: Gawroska-Nowak, Bogna

Reply: The decline of 'homo oeconomicus' and the crisis of liberal EUropean integration: a response to Bogna Gawrońska-Nowak
pp. 265-268(4)
Author: Reho, Federico Ottavio

Book Review

A technical fix to the euro's original sin? Review of Ashoka Mody's EuroTragedy: A drama in nine acts
pp. 269-273(5)
Author: de Ville, Ferdi