Five Ph.D. Scholarships at University of Groningen

Five Ph.D. Scholarships at University of Groningen

Five Ph.D. Scholarships at University of Groningen


Deadline: Thu, 21 May 2020


Job Description

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture, where our Centre for International Relations Research is located, has advertised five PhD positions, for four years, starting in September 2020.

We invite candidates in all our areas of expertise. Please see specific requirements in the call. Deadline for applications is 21 of May 2020.

Research areas:
Our research centre is organised through four research groups and we welcome applications on all of them.

1. History and Theory of European Integration
Contact persons:  Prof. dr. Jan van der Harst (, Prof. dr. Ronald Holzhacker (
Themes: current and future challenges for the EU focusing on policy and decision making and institutional development, democracy, legitimacy and human rights; the role of sanctions in IR; and changes in the relationship between the EU and (South)-East Asia.

2. International Political Economy
Contact person: Prof. dr. Herman Hoen (
Themes: Groningen IPE focuses on institutional change around two key themes. Convergence in relation to changes in trade, investment and labour regimes (mostly between Europe and the United States but not exclusively), and transformation and integration in transitions to market economies embedded in democratic orders in Eastern Europe and
Central Asia.

3. History and Theory of International Relations
Contact person: Prof. dr. Luis Lobo-Guerrero (
Themes: the politics of global connectivities in international relations; the study of modes of reasoning about order, power and governance; and historical international relations. We invite
applications especially on the areas of IR of the Middle Ages, and IR of the XVI C.

4. International Relations and Security Studies
Contact person: Prof. dr. Jaap de Wilde (
Themes: critical security studies, security and geopolitics, energy security, health security, visual security, urban security, Arctic security, global health, and humanitarianism.