The 5th Annual UK Political Psychology Conference

The 5th Annual UK Political Psychology Conference

Mon, 27 Feb 2023 - Fri, 03 Mar 2023


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The conference brings together for the fifth year, academics and research students studying key issues in political psychology. The conference is held over five days and hosts 13 panels, an opening and a closing keynote, and a roundtable . Research presentations focus on different aspects of political psychology: Conspiracies, Deservingmess, Direct Democracy, Discrimination, Diversity, Emotions, Identities, Ideology, Inequality, Intergroup dynamics, Grievance Politics, Nationalism, Polarisation, Political Leadership, Populism, Radicalization.

The confirmed presentations programme of the event is listed below. Registered participants will receive an email invitation with the zoom links for each of the featured panels two days prior to the conference, and daily reminders. 

27th February – 3rd March 2023 -- Online Event

Monday 27 February

11:00 – 11:25 Conference Welcome by the Organizers

11.30-13.00 Panel 1 Nations, nationalism and group identities: The political psychology of identity

14.00-15.30 Panel 2 Political behaviour and attitudes

15.30-17.00 Keynote Professor Aleksandra Cichocka (University of Kent): Can ingroup love hurt? Collective narcissism and (mis)treatment of ingroup members

Tuesday 28 February

09.30-11.00 Panel 3 Diversity and individual differences: Experiences and identities

11.30-13.00 Panel 4 Diversity and individual differences: Concepts and interventions

14.00-15.30 Panel 5 Political behaviour and vote choice

Wednesday 1 March

09.30-11.00 Panel 6 Affective polarisation and partisanship

11.30-13.00 Panel 7 Nations, nationalism and group identities: The political psychology of group dynamics

14.00-15.30 Panel 8 Citizen evaluations of political actors and democratic processes

Thursday 2 March

09.30-11.00 Panel 9 Grievance politics: The political psychology of frustrations and aggression

11.30-13.00 Panel 10 Who gets what? The political psychology of deservingness

14.00-15.30 Panel 11 Polarisation, populist right-wing parties and minority discrimination

Friday 3 March

09.30-11.00 Panel 12 Beyond left and right – New directions in direct democracy

11.30-13.00 Panel 13 Purities and conspiracies – Getting underneath populism

14.00-15.30 Roundtable Get to know ChatGPT: Teaching and assessment in times of AI

15.30-17.00 Keynote Professor Fathali Moghaddam (Georgetown University): Does political plasticity make democracy or dictatorship more likely?