14th ECPR General Conference

14th ECPR General Conference

Contact: generalconference@ecpr.eu

Deadline: Wed, 19 Feb 2020

Event Details

2020 is the ECPR’s 50th Anniversary. As we approach this milestone in our history, we are delighted to announce that the 14th ECPR General Conference will be held at the University of Innsbruck.

The fifth largest city in Austria, Innsbruck has been a centre for European politics and culture since the fifteenth century. The city’s University celebrates its 350th Anniversary in 2019, and since its founding in 1669, has grown to become an important driving force for the social and economic development of the Tyrol. With roughly 28,000 students and 5,000 employees, the University of Innsbruck is now the largest educational institution in western Austria.

The ECPR General Conference remains Europe's largest annual gathering of political scientists; attracting more than 2,000 global scholars ꟷ at all stages of their career. With around 500 Panels across c.70 Sections, the academic programme covers the breadth of political science; developed and delivered by high-profile members of the profession. As a leading industry event, the General Conference continues to facilitate and nurture the development of political science across Europe; delivering an interactive and engaging platform for discussion, debate and innovative thinking.

Call for Panels (with Papers) and individual Papers

The second stage of the process is open to anyone wishing to propose a complete Panel with Papers, and those wanting to propose individual Papers to a particular Section. Panels provisionally proposed as part of accepted Sections must also be submitted through this procedure. Panels should include 3–5 Papers. Panel proposers do not need to belong to an ECPR member institution, but they must have a MyECPR profile.

An Open Section welcomes full Panel and individual Paper proposals that do not fit into any of the listed Sections.

03 December 2019 Section Chairs can view Panels and Papers being proposed to their Section via their MyECPR account. The Academic Convenors will review the number of Panels/Papers received and will determine the number of Panels per Section. Please note that some Sections may be requested to reduce the number of Panels or accept additional Panels by the Academic Convenors.

From 28 February 2020, Section Chairs may approve/decline/reserve Panel and Paper proposals in their Section. Section Chairs have until 23 March 2020 to finalise their Sections via MyECPR.

Section Chairs are expected to evaluate all Panel and individual Paper proposals in their Section; to allocate individual Paper proposals to Panels and, where appropriate, to form Panels out of individual Paper proposals. It is the Section Chair's responsibility to allocate Chairs and Discussants for Panels in a Section. When evaluating Panels and Papers, Section Chairs should consider the quality of the proposal and the fit with the Section theme.

The Academic Convenors will review approved Panels and Papers to finalise the Academic Programme. The Academic Convenors may use their discretion to reallocate Panels and Papers to other Sections and Panels as required. Section Chairs may, therefore, be asked to accommodate new Panels in their Sections, and Panel Chairs may be asked to accommodate extra Papers within their Panels. Similarly, Section Chairs may also be asked to reduce the number of their Panels and rearrange their Papers accordingly.

Section Chairs, Panel Chairs, and Paper presenters will be contacted with the Academic Convenors' decision via email. If your Panel or Paper has been marked as reserved, ECPR will contact you as soon as possible if a space becomes available in the programme. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine when this will be.