Reason, Religion and Modernity: Gadamer-Habermas Debate

Reason, Religion and Modernity: Gadamer-Habermas Debate

By : Anil Kumar Vaddiraju

Release date: Apr 2024

Springer Nature

Number of pages: 125

ISBN: 978-981-97-0702-7

More About this Book

This book deals with the question of understanding religion and its relationship with politics in the context of developing countries. It reviews specific theories, such as modernisation theory, marxism, liberalism, hermeneutics and critical approach to explain questions related to religion and religious traditions. The book focuses on the recent attempts to theorise religion by Jurgen Habermas. It argues modernisation and orthodox Marxian theory are inadequate in understanding the recent spurt of religious phenomenon in politics. It discusses Hans-Georg Gadamer’s view to show a way forward regarding dialectical hermeneutics in facilitating a dialogue between different traditions and religions. The book is of interest to students, scholars, practitioners of development, and all those who concern themselves with the questions of religion, tradition, modernity and secular well-being in developing countries such as India and beyond.