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IPSA Roundtable on Academic Freedom: Call for Abstracts

ECPR General Conference - IPSA Panel on Academic Freedom
(University of Oslo, Norway, September 9, 2017)

The whirlwind of changes taking place in the international community reminds us of the importance of staying mindful, alert and committed to the fundamental values that the global academic community holds dear. The values include academic freedom and human rights protection which belong to the large rubric of democracy. While populist nationalism is on the rise in Europe, we are anxiously awaiting the election results of France and the Netherlands. The anxiety reflects the global shockwave originated from the Brexit and electoral victory of Donald Trump last year. In this shifting milieu we have been witnessing the visible erosion of democratic norms in various parts of the world. We are thus increasingly concerned about the grave consequences of the precarious political upheavals for academia.

Where are we headed? What can be done? Where to draw the line between academic research and political activism? How to address the controversial topics pertaining to academic freedom (ex. freedom of speech, etc.) and human rights violations (ex. defamation, etc.)? How to negotiate between normative ideals and reality of academic survival?

A roundtable panel will be devoted to the issues on academic freedom during the 2017 ECPR general conference at University of Oslo, Norway, on September 9, 2017. The panel aims to address the following specific questions on academic freedom in the contemporary socio-political milieu: 

  • What are the strategies to better protect academic freedom?
  • How can we contextualize the increasing challenges?
  • How can we promote solidarity across the global academic community?
  • What are the diagnoses as well as prognoses of increasing challenges?

Please submit an abstract of about 200 words on your opinions and ideas on the issues of academic freedom by May 10 to (Mikyoung Kim, IPSA RC26 Chair). The review results will be notified by May 25, 2017.


*Please circulate this call for roundtable abstracts as widely as possible.*


IPSA at the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Meeting

IPSA was present at the Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, held in Vancouver (Canada) from April 13 to 15, 2017. Communication, Promotion and Logistics Coordinator, Mr. Haluk Dag, manned the IPSA table, meeting the delegates as well as WPSA representatives in order to promote the upcoming IPSA World Congress of Political Science (Brisbane, July 21-26, 2018) and IPSA membership, establish contact with exhibitors, and strengthen ties with WPSA by exploring opportunities for collaboration.

The Website for the 2018 IPSA World Congress of Political Science is Now Online

The website for the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science is now available! The IPSA World Congress will take place for the first time in Australia (Brisbane) from July 21 to 26, 2018. 

Please see the website for details on the World Congress theme and program, important deadlines and submission guidelines, venue information, the procedure to apply for an Australian visa, and useful information on Brisbane.

Panel and paper proposals on any subject in political science are welcome, starting May 10, 2017. The World Congress theme – “Borders and Margins” – will be featured in specially organized topical sessions and events.

Key dates: 
Call for proposals: As of May 10, 2017
Proposal submission deadline: October 10, 2017  

For further information, please visit