IPSR - Volume 45, Number 3, June 2024

Original Research Articles

Picturing deliberation: How dissatisfied citizens make sense of it 
Ramon van der Does and Guillaume Petit

Party policy responsiveness at the agenda-setting and decision-making stages: The mediating effect of the types of government and promise
Ana Maria Belchior, Hugo Ferrinho Lopes, Luís Cabrita and Emmanouil Tsatsanis

An urban myth? Government involvement in the economy and left–right politics
Jesper Lindqvist

The presence of a social context increases support for redistribution: Inequality aversion and risk aversion
Junko Kato and Hirofumi Takesue

Politics on the stock market? Political investorism as a form of political participation
Henrik Serup Christensen and Anton Brännlund

The COVID-19 pandemic and the electoral performance of governing parties in electoral democracies
Yen-Pin Su and Ekaterina R Rashkova

Does it pay to think about the future? Future orientation, ideology, age and vote earning among political candidates
Annika Lindholm, Lauri Rapeli and Åsa von Schoultz

Healthy citizens, healthy democracies? A review of the literature 
Elisabeth Gidengil and Hanna Wass