IPSR - Volume 45, Number 1, January 2024

Special Issue: Change in Armed Conflict

Change in armed conflict: An introduction
Annette Idler

Changing responses to a frozen conflict: The Republic of Cyprus soft balancing vis-à-vis Turkey
Oya Dursun-Özkanca

Conflict shapes in flux: Explaining spatial shift in conflict-related violence 
Annette Idler, Katerina Tkacova

Multidimensional poverty and conflict events in Nigeria over time 
Ricardo Nogales and Christian Oldiges

The patch as method: The arts’ contribution towards understandings of conflict
Daniele Rugo

New insights into the psychology of individuals and large groups in a world of changing conflicts
John Lord Alderdice

Original Research Articles

Public support for the use of force in non-Western and non-major powers: The case of a China–Taiwan war
Charles K.S. Wu, Austin Horng-En Wang, Yao-Yuan Yeh and Fang-Yu Chen

Pathways to democracy after authoritarian breakdown: Comparative case selection and lessons from the past
Jean Lachapelle and Sebastian Hellmeier