IPSR - Volume 44, Number 5, November 2023

Political investorism: Conceptualising the political participation of shareholders and investors
Erin O’Brien, Justine Coneybeer, Martijn Boersma and Alice Payne

Marginalized, but not demobilized: Ethnic minority protest activity when facing discrimination
Antoine Bilodeau, Stephen E White, Clayton Ma, Luc Turgeon and Ailsa Henderson

Media skepticism and reactions to political scandals: An analysis of the Trump–Ukraine case
Hugo Marcos-Marne, Pablo González-González and Homero Gil de Zúñiga

Reciprocating to the bottom: Is there negative diffuse reciprocity in social economic human rights
Sara Kahn-Nisser

The domestic democratic peace: How democracy constrains political violence
Francesco Veri and Jensen Sass

Competing perspectives on participatory arrangements: Explaining the attitudes of elected representatives
Jan Erling Klausen, Signy Irene Vabo and Marte Winsvold

Female leaders and gendered laws: A long-term global perspective
Hoyong Jung

Populist attitudes and challenges towards liberal democracy:An empirical assessment of the Turkish case
Ali Çarkoğlu and Ezgi Elçi