IPSR - Volume 44, Number 3, June 2023

Original Research Articles

The reversal of populism. Assessing the explanatory power of the ideational approach in contemporary Argentina
Mariana Sendra and Iván Llamazares

Regional patterns of multilateral treaty cooperation: Is there a Latin American ‘commitment gap’?
Carsten-Andreas Schulz and Laura Levick

Class voting or economic voting? Electoral support for chavismo (1998–2015)
Robert Bonifácio and João Carlos Amoroso Botelho

Are politically engaged citizens more democratic? A glimpse from Brazil
Camila Mont’Alverne, Diego Moraes and Thaíse Kemer

Sources of campaign funding for incumbents versus challengers in list proportional representation systems: The case of Colombia
Gert-Jan Put, Bart Maddens and Gertjan Muyters

Multi-bilateral aid for disease control
Carie A Steele

‘It’s a total no-no’: The strategic silence about gender in the European Parliament’s economic governance policies
Anna Elomäki

Natural resource wealth and the informal economy
Robert G Blanton and Dursun Peksen

Domestic legal traditions and international cooperation: Insights from domestic and international qualification systems
Shintaro Hamanaka and Sufian Jusoh

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