IPSR - Volume 44, Number 2, March 2023

Original Research Articles 

How perceptions and information about women’s descriptive representation affect support for positive action measures
Hilde Coffé and Marion Reiser

Life satisfaction and the conventionality of political participation:  The moderation effect of post-materialist value orientation 
Edmund W Cheng, Hiu-Fung Chung and Hoi-wa Cheng

Religious and secular value divides in Western Europe:  A cross-national comparison (1981–2008)
Anna Pless, Paul Tromp and Dick Houtman

Mapping the drivers of negative campaigning: Insights from a candidate survey 
Jürgen Maier and Alessandro Nai

Different types of deficient democracies: Reassessing the relevance of diminished subtypes 
Hans-Joachim Lauth, Oliver Schlenkrich and Lukas Lemm

Making war and peace with emotion: Examining the Iraq and Iran cases via presidential speech and media coverage 
Katherine Seaton and H Denis Wu

How do political decision-making processes affect the acceptability of decisions? Results from a survey experiment 
Miho Nakatani

Attrition as a bottom-up pathway to subnational democratization 
Trix van Mierlo

From poverty to trust: Political implications of the anti-poverty campaign in China
Cai (Vera) Zuo, Zhongyuan Wang and Qingjie Zeng