IPSR - Volume 44, Number 1, January 2023

Special Issue: Gender and political financing

Editorial introduction: Gender and political financing 
Rainbow Murray, Ragnhild Muriaas and Vibeke Wang

It’s a rich man’s world: How class and glass ceilings intersect for UK parliamentary candidates
Rainbow Murray

Campaign expenditures and electoral outcomes in Israeli legislative primaries – A financial gender gap?
Nir Atmor, Liran Harsgor and Ofer Kenig

Gendered patterns in candidates’ campaign fundraising: The case of Italy 
Francesca Feo, Chiara Fiorelli and Daniela R. Piccio

Money matters: The impact of gender quotas on campaign spending for women candidates
Fiona Buckley and Mack Mariani

Funding demands and gender in political recruitment: What parties do in Cabo Verde and Ghana
Vibeke Wang, Ragnhild L. Muriaas and Getchen Bauer 

‘Above all, it will boil down to money problems’: The impact of gender-targeted public financing on political parties and women candidates in South Korea
Ki-young Shin and Soo Hyun Kwon

Original Research Articles

The continuum of election violence: Gendered candidate experiences in the Maldives
Elin Bjarnegård

Can women dynasty politicians disrupt social norms of political leadership? A proposed typology of normative change.
Kerryn Baker and Sonia Palmieri