IPSR - Volume 43, Number 5, November 2022

The politics of authoritarian empowerment: Participatory pricing in China
Xuan Qin and Baogang He

Looking for truth in absurdity: Humour as community-building and  dissidence against authoritarianism
Umut Korkut, Aidan McGarry, Itir Erhart, Hande Eslen-Ziya and Olu Jenzen

Democracy in the prison of political science
Felipe Antunes de Oliveira

Education, democratic governance, and satisfaction with democracy: Multilevel evidence from Latin America
Alejandro Monsiváis-Carrillo and Gabriela Cantú Ramos

Attack politics from Albania to Zimbabwe: A large-scale comparative study on the drivers of negative campaigning
Chiara Valli and Alessandro Nai

Disability and political representation: Analysing the obstacles to elected office in the UK
Elizabeth Evans and Stefanie Reher

Parliamentary rules, party norms, and legislative speech
Eduardo Alemán and Juan Pablo Micozzi

Nationalism and the strength of secessionism in Western Europe: Static  and dynamic autonomy
André Lecours