IPSR - Volume 43, Number 4, September 2022

Special Issue: The BRICS, Global Governance, and Challenges for South-South Cooperation in a Post-Western World

Introduction: ‘The BRICS, Global Governance, and Challenges for South–South Cooperation in a Post-Western World’
Niall Duggan, Bas Hooijmaaijers, Marek Rewizorski and Ekaterina Arapova

The internal and external institutionalization of the BRICS countries: The case of the New Development Bank
Bas Hooijmaaijers

The structural power of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in multilateral development finance: A case study of the New Development Bank
Niall Duggan, Juan Carlos Ladines Azalia and Marek Rewizorski

BRICS, G20 and global economic governance reform
Marina Larionova and Andrey Shelepov

Original Research Articles

Why states inform: Compliance with self-reporting obligations in universal treaty regimes
Jan Karlas

United we stand and divided we fall: Coalitions in the GATT/WTO negotiations
Gabriel Cepaluni and Ivan Filipe Fernandes

Time is of the essence: Explaining the duration of European Union lawmaking under the co-decision procedure
Adam Kirpsza

The tolerance of the despised: Atheists, the non-religious, and the value of pluralism
Charles Devellennes and Paul Matthew Loveless

Vanguard or business-as-usual? ‘New’ movement parties in comparative perspective
Davide Vittori