IPSR - Volume 43, Number 1, January 2022


Political consumerism: A meta-analysis
Lauren Copeland and Shelley Boulianne

The democratic potential of political consumerism: The effect of visibility bias and social stratification
Marc Hooghe and Silke Goubin

Psychological roots of political consumerism: Personality traits and participation in boycott and buycott
Kathrin Ackermann and Birte Gundelach

Deliberative democracy in the age of serial crisis 
Nicole Curato, Jensen Sass, Selen A Ercan and Simon Niemeyer

The paradoxical effect of welfare knowledge: Unveiling income cleavage over attitudes to welfare in South Korea
Sijeong Lim and Seiki Tanaka

Ethnic diversity and social welfare provision in non-democracies: Evidence from China
Yichen Guan

Does process matter? Experimental evidence on the effect of procedural fairness on citizens’ evaluations of policy outcomes
Aaron Martin, Gosia Mikołajczak and Raymond Orr

The transfers game: A comparative analysis of the mechanical effect of lower preference votes in STV systems
Stephen Quinlan and Hannah Schwarz

Two-level games and market constraints on politics in Europe
Iain McMenamin, Michael Breen and Juan Muñoz-Portillo