IPSR - Volume 42, Number 4, September 2021

Special Issue: Regional Sanctions and the Struggle for Democracy

Regional sanctions and the struggle for democracy:  Introduction to the special issue
Elin Hellquist and Stefano Palestini

Regional sanctions as peer review: The African Union against Egypt  (2013) and Sudan (2019)
Elin Hellquist

Regional organizations and the politics of sanctions against undemocratic behaviour in the Americas
Stefano Palestini

(Un)Democratic change and use of social sanctions for domestic politics: Council of Europe monitoring in Turkey
Digdem Soyaltin-Colella

Institutional logics and the EU’s limited sanctioning capacity under Article 7 TEU
Carlos Closa

Legitimation, regime survival, and shifting alliances in the Arab League: Explaining sanction politics during the Arab Spring
Maria Josepha Debre

Understanding ASEAN’s approach to sanctions against norm breakers 
Kerstin Schembera 

Regional organizations and democratic conditionality: Family resemblances and shaming
Laurence Whitehead