IPSR - Volume 38, Number 4, September 2017

Special Issue: Populism in World Politics
Guest Editor : Vedi R Hadiz and Angelos Chryssogelos

Populism in world politics: A comparative cross-regional perspective
Vedi R Hadiz and Angelos Chryssogelos

Populism and political development in hybrid regimes: Russia and the development of official populism
Neil Robinson and Sarah Milne

Reluctant populists: Learning populism in Thailand
Kevin Hewison

Populism in Latin America: Old and new populisms in Argentina and Brazil
Juan Grigera

Post-populism in Zambia: Michael Sata’s rise, demise and legacy
Alastair Fraser

The people in the ‘here and now’: Populism, modernization and the state in Greece
Angelos Chryssogelos

Competing populisms in post-authoritarian Indonesia
Vedi R Hadiz and Richard Robison