IPSR - Volume 37, Number 5, November 2016

Measuring the Quality of Democracy

Guest editors: Marianne Kneuer, Brigitte Geissel and Hans-Joachim Lauth


Measuring the quality of democracy: Introduction
Brigitte Geissel, Marianne Kneuer, and Hans-Joachim Lauth

Measuring high level democratic principles using the V-Dem data
Michael Coppedge, Staffan Lindberg, Svend-Erik Skaaning, and Jan Teorell

Freedom and equality in democracies: Is there a trade-off?
Heiko Giebler and Wolfgang Merkel
The internal relationships of the dimensions of democracy: The relevance of trade-offs for measuring the quality of democracy
Hans-Joachim Lauth
What is the impact of the economic crisis on democracy? Evidence from Europe
Leonardo Morlino and Mario Quaranta
Putting the demos back into the concept of democratic quality
Quinton Mayne and Brigitte Geissel

Measuring the quality of democracy: Why include the citizens’ perspective?
Susanne Pickel, Wiebke Breustedt, and Theresia Smolka

Should participatory opportunities be a component of democratic quality? The role of citizen views in resolving a conceptual controversy
Brigitte Geissel
E-democracy: A new challenge for measuring democracy
Marianne Kneuer

Going historical: Measuring democraticness before the age of mass democracy  
Carl Henrik Knutsen, Jørgen Møller, and Svend-Erik Skaaning
Introduction to Alfred C Stepan, ‘Chasing questions through five continents’

A life in comparative politics: Chasing questions in five continents
Alfred Stepan