IPSR - Volume 37, Number 4, September 2016

Who to punish? Retrospective voting and knowledge of government composition in a multiparty system
Lauri Rapeli

The effects of inter-state conflicts on foreign investment flows to the developing world: Enduring vs ephemeral risk of conflicts
Dongkyu Kim

Political parties and citizenship legislation change in EU28 countries, 1992–2013
Djordje Sredanovic

Policy choices in tough times: The case of democratization and currency defense
Byunghwan Son

Electoral authoritarianism and political unrest
Ryan Shirah

Do economic sanctions impair target economies?
Geiguen Shin, Seung-Whan Choi, and Shali Luo

Sustained vs episodic mobilization among conflict-generated diasporas
Maria Koinova

Political and economic accountability in a delegative democracy
Rollin F Tusalem

Remarkable economic growth, but so what? The impacts of modernization on Chinese citizens’ political satisfaction
Yida Zhai

Electoral systems, ethnic cleavages and experience with democracy
Christopher D Raymond, Michael Huelshoff, and Marc R Rosenblum