IPSR - Volume 37, Number 1, January 2016

Institutional, societal, and economic determinants of party system size: Evidence from Brazil
Simone Bohn 

Trust in government institutions: The effects of performance and participation in the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Alissandra T Stoyan, Sara Niedzwiecki, Jana Morgan, Jonathan Hartlyn, and Rosario Espinal 

Competitive authoritarianism and popular protest: Evidence from Serbia under Milošević
Nebojša Vladisavljević

Assessing the complex relationship between government alternation and ideological congruence
Alessandro Pellegata

Domestic ideas, institutions or interests? Explaining governmental preferences towards global economic governance
Stefan A Schirm

Preferences for tax schemes in OECD countries, self-interest and ideology
Antonio M Jaime-Castillo and José L Sáez-Lozano

Why do citizens want the UN to decide? Cosmopolitan ideas, particularism and global authority
Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt 

A comparative analysis of ‘good citizenship’: A latent class analysis of adolescents’ citizenship norms in 38 countries
Marc Hooghe, Jennifer Oser, and Sofie Marien

The roots of trust in local government in western Europe
Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jennifer Wolak