IPSR - Volume 36, Number 5, November 2015

Democracy, policy, and inequality: Efforts and consequences in the developing world
Dae Jin Yi and Jun Hee Woo 

Inequality, the welfare system and satisfaction with democracy in South Korea
WooJin Kang

Regime type, international migration, and the politics of dual citizenship toleration
Nikola Mirilovic 

The gender gap in political participation in Muslim-majority countries
Hilde Coffé and Selin Dilli 

The religious origins of class coalitions: Elite participation in religiously motivated peasant rebellions in Mexico, Zimbabwe, and India
Vasabjit Banerjee

A dynamic model of suicide terrorism and political mobilization
Daniel S. Geller and Alvin M. Saperstein 

Principles of representation throughout the world: Constitutional provisions and electoral systems
Johannes Raabe