IPSR - Volume 36, Number 4, August 2015

In search of political influence: Outside lobbying behaviour and media coverage of social movements, interest groups and political parties in six Western European countries
Anke Tresch and Manuel Fischer

Disenfranchised minorities: Trust, definitions of citizenship, and noncitizen voting rights in developed democracies
Florian Justwan

Women’s descriptive representation in developed and developing countries
Daniel Stockemer

Helping hand or heavy hand? Foreign aid, regime type and domestic unrest
Daniel Yuichi Kono, Gabriella R. Montinola, and Nicholas Verbon

The rise of the cosmopolitan traditionalists: From the Arab Spring to a global countermovement?
Adam K. Webb

Policy change and coups: The role of income inequality and asset specificity
Taeko Hiroi and Sawa Omori

Democracy, ethnic fractionalisation, and the politics of social spending: Disentangling a conditional relationship
Carsten Jensen and Svend-Erik Skaaning