IPSR - Volume 36, Number 2, March 2015

The impact of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on social capital in Japan: Trust before and after the disaster
Róbert Ferenc Veszteg, Yukihiko Funaki and Aiji Tanaka

Media framing in religious–secular conflict in Turkey and Israel
Matt Evans and M. Selcan Kaynak

How politics-news parallelism invigorates partisanship strength
S. Nechama Horwitz and Lilach Nir

Winners, losers and the Grand Coalition: Political satisfaction in the Federal Republic of Germany
Ross Campbell

Finding God in Global Politics
Marion Maddox

Cultural nationalism and liberal values: An elusive synthesis
Gal Gerson and Aviad Rubin

Rising regional powers meet the global leader: A strategic analysis of influence competition
Sung Eun Kim and Johannes Urpelainen