IPSR - Volume 35, Number 5, November 2014

The sources of mass partisanship in newer democracies: Social identities or performance evaluations? Southern Europe in comparative perspective
Marco Lisi

Determinants of legislative voting loyalty under different electoral systems: Evidence from Romania
Sergiu Gherghina and Mihail Chiru

Hybrid what? Partial consensus and persistent divergences in the analysis of hybrid regimes
Andrea Cassani

Alternative framing: The effect of the Internet on political support in authoritarian China
Min Tang and Narisong Huhe

Gender, presidencies, and prime ministerships in Europe: Are women gaining ground?
Farida Jalalzai

Why do some governments resort to ‘creative accounting’ but not others? Fiscal governance in the Brazilian federation
Marcus André Melo, Carlos Pereira and Saulo Souza