IPSR - Volume 35, Number 3, June 2014

Special Issue

A contested legitimacy: The paradoxes of legal regulation of political parties
Guest editors: Ekaterina R Rashkova and Ingrid van Biezen


The legal regulation of political parties: Contesting or promoting legitimacy?
Ekaterina R Rashkova and Ingrid van Biezen

Regulation of political parties and party functions in Malawi: Incentive structures and the selective application of the rules
Lars Svåsand

Shaping parties’ legitimacy: Internal regulations and membership organisations in post-communist Europe
Sergiu Gherghina

Political legitimacy, fragmentation and the rise of party-formation costs in contemporary Latin America
Gerardo Scherlis

Legitimising political party representation: Party law development in Latin America
Fransje Molenaar

Building competition and breaking cartels? The legislative and judicial regulation of political parties in common law democracies
Anika Gauja

The world upside down: Delegitimising political finance regulation
Fernando Casal Bértoa, Fransje Molenaar, Daniela R Piccio, and Ekaterina R Rashkova

Does regulation make political parties more popular? A multi-level analysis of party support in Europe
Paul Whiteley

Abstracts in French and Spanish