IPSR - Volume 35, Number 2, March 2014

How moderates and extremists find happiness: Ideological orientation, citizen–government proximity, and life satisfaction
Luigi Curini, Willy Jou and Vincenzo Memoli

The impact of diamonds on economic growth, adverse regime change, and democratic state-building in Africa
Rollin F. Tusalem and Minion K.C. Morrison

Explaining variation of executive instability in presidential regimes: Presidential interruptions in Latin America
Leiv Marsteintredet

Competing risks and deposit insurance governance convergence
Christopher Gandrud

Intra-union politics and wage-setting coordination in Eurozone countries
Sung Ho Park

How does political trust affect social trust? An analysis of survey data from rural China using an instrumental variables approach 
Ran Tao, Dali L. Yang, Ming Li and Xi Lu