IPSR - Volume 35, Number 1, January 2014

Special issue on "Electoral Quotas and Political Representation: Comparative Perspectives"
Guest editors: Mona Lena Krook and Pär Zetterberg

Electoral quotas and political representation: Comparative perspectives
Mona Lena Krook and Pär Zetterberg

Ethnic quotas and ethnic representation worldwide
Karen Bird

Ethnic quotas and unintended effects on women’s political representation in Singapore
Netina Tan

Quotas and intersectionality: Ethnicity and gender in candidate selection
Karen Celis, Silvia Erzeel, Liza Mügge and Alyt Damstra

The universe of group representation in Germany: Analysing formal and informal party rules and quotas in the process of candidate selection
Marion Reiser

Playing with different cards: Party politics, gender quotas and women’s empowerment
Tània Verge and Maria de la Fuente

Women’s sustainable representation and the spillover effect of electoral gender quotas in South Korea
Ki-young Shin

Who benefits from gender quotas? Assessing the impact of election procedure reform on Members of Parliament’s attributes in Uganda
Cecilia Josefsson

Quotas for advisory committees, business and politics: Just more of the same?
Petra Meier