IPSR - Volume 32, Number 3, June 2011

How mass political attitudes affect democratization: exploring the facilitating role critical democrats play in the process
Lingling Qi and Doh Chull Shin

The bases of political trust in six Asian societies: institutional and cultural explanations compared
Timothy Ka-ying Wong, Po-san Wan,and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

The impact of political scandals on political support: An experimental test of two theories
Jürgen Maier

Is it cohesion or diversion? Domestic instability and the use of force in international crises
Cigdem V. Sirin

Assessing the impact of NGOs on intergovernmental organizations: The case of the Bretton Woods Institutions
Robert E. Kelly

Paths to Policy Coherence to Create Market Economies in Central and Eastern Europe
Romana Careja