Strategic Fikcer center for studies

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Strategic Fiker Center for Studies

About Us:
Founded in 2013, the Strategic Fiker Center for Studies is an independent non-profit think tank in the Arab region. It is known for excellence in research engagement to promoting the intellectual and political consciousness about the changing regional and global circumstances, and a specific commitment to these affairs through serious and sustained academic studies.
Our vision is to be recognized as the leading think tank for cultural, political and socio-economic affairs not only in the MENA region, but also internationally by demonstrating excellence and professionalism through studies.
1- SFCS works to build consciousness of the Arab community on regional and international issues.
2- To promote objective and academic study research and discussion of current issues both foreign and domestic with particular attention to Arab Gulf countries.
3- To contribute to the raising of intellectual consciousness
4- To deepen the debate and research about regional and international and to help shape public opinion about these issues.
5- To provide studies and articles about regional and international issues, and redefine the debate over public issues, and offer new and effectives directions to policy makers.
1- Focus in publications, consultations, workshops, policy reports and recommendations in the basis with the Center’s vision.
2- Seek to collaborate with other Arab and international think tanks, organizations and research centers.
3- Focus to deal with the different intellectual and ideological spectrum in order to assure the essentials of peaceful co-existence and active participation.
4- Organize conferences, seminars and panel discussions.
5- Offer opportunities to talented young researchers and support their academic projects.

Research Interests:
The research interests of the center vary on the basis of its objectives and departments; it carries out independent and rigorous analysis of multiple regional, international and Arab countries-specific issues. It is organized as the following:
1- Research and Studies:
The center focus in preparing research papers, books and articles in different fields compatible its specific vision.
a) Political and strategic studies.
b) Social and cultural studies.
c) Multidisciplinary studies in the Intellectual movements and groups.
d) Studies in Civilization and sustainable development.
e) Islamic studies
2- Consultations and Measuring Public Opinion:
The center’s reports, papers, books and other research studies are a vital resource for policy makers and other academic researchers. It is concerned with giving consultations and alternative reading or solutions in the fields of interests mentioned above. The center arranges consultations and measuring public opinion towards intellectual issues, political and social issues through a range of studies that highly-skilled and educated research team provide it.
3- Publishing:
The Center is engaged with publishing printed or electronic works (studies, research papers and up-to-date commentary on current issues) via some publishing companies.
4- The Center’s Values:
The center upholds the following key values and guiding principles:
1- High quality and objective research papers based on clear methodology and scientific accountability.
2- Commitment to values of transparency, inclusiveness and mutual respect in the workplace, with researchers and partners.
3- Appreciation of values of dialogue to communicate and to overcome misunderstanding
4- Engagement to create favorable workplace conditions for critical thought, innovation and supporting new ideas or approaches.
5- Widespread gradually the center’s fields of studies, with a specific concern in some regional and international issues

The mission of the Strategic Fiker Center for Studies is to deal the ongoing issues and changing circumstances in the Arab region through research and academic studies. The center’s specialized departments have been dedicated to developing and producing more than 220 reviewed scientific work (analysis/ foresight..). The center offers significant scientific contributions through high-quality academic research, and with a focus on new fields of studies. This strategy has led to increasing readers’ attention to our good quality books and research papers as well as the steady growing number of social media followers (more than 240 thousand Facebook followers/ 38 thousands twitter followers) thanks to excellent work have been made by our academic researchers.

The Center has four main units: the Monitoring and Analysis Unit, the Research and studies Unit, the Publishing and Distribution Unit and the Public Relations and media Unit. The Center has its own publishing company and more than 24 distribution points in 13 countries, and has participated in 12 international book fairs.
In addition, The Center has partnerships with five research centers and is a member in four international organizations. It is engaged with the encouraging young talent researchers to the extent the Center offers an annual research award for researchers in the Middle East and North Africa.