Slovak Political Science Association


The Slovak Association for Political Science was founded with the aim to develop and promote the scientific understanding of political relations and to contribute to the dissemination of political science knowledge within the Slovak Republic and internationally. Its activities are guided by the following rules:

1. support the development of scientific research, scientific information and other activities in political science and related departments in the Slovak Republic by formulating recommendations and proposals for cooperation in programming and solving research tasks,
2. make comments and participate in the implementation of specialized teaching of other forms of education in the field of political science and in the improvement of the professional competence of members,
3. make suggestions and proposals for the use of scientific knowledge in the practice of legislative, governmental and social bodies, political parties and movements of social and interest organisations,
4. monitor and evaluate the level of information on political issues and the use of political science knowledge in the mass media, in publishing and editorial activities,
5. disseminate knowledge of political science to the public in order to shape democratic political culture and the spirit of constitutionalism of citizens in cooperation with social and other organisations.