Korean Political Science Association

South Korea

The Korean Political Science Association(KPSA) is a nation-wide academic organization of scholars interested in Political Science, International Relations, and related disciplines. Founded in 1953, it has grown into the largest academic organization in Korea with active membership of over 2,200 individual scholars and institutions. The Association seeks to encourage academic activities and intellectual dialogue among scholars and to promote academic exchanges and mutual understanding between Korean and foreign scholars. The Association is free from any ideological inclination as well as political prejudice. Furthermore, it does not identify with any political parties or the Government. With a view to broadening the scope of its activity, the KPSA was registered in January 1995 as an incorporated body of the Korean National Assembly. Academic activities of the Association include annual symposia, workshops, and the publication of a journal. Academic activities are organized by the Research Committee of the Association which consists of several sub-divisions. The Association hosts an annual convention, quarterly seminars, and occasional workshops. The Association has published Korean Political Science Review(quarterly in Korean) since 1959 and The Korean Political Science Association Newsletter(bimonthly in Korean) since 1969. The KPSA has also been actively involved in international academic activities. It has hosted several international conferences to which both Korean and foreign scholars have been invited. Among others, in 1997, the Association successfully hosted the 17th World Congress of International Political Science Association in Seoul participated by 2000 foreign scholars from more than 70 countries. The Association has held a biennial conference, the World Congress for Korean Politics and Society, since 2007. The Association has held joint conferences with Japanese Political Science Association since 1998 and Political Association of Thailand since 2001.