Indian Political Science Association


Indian Political Science Association (IPSA) is the highest and largest academic and professional body of the teachers and scholars of Political Science and Public Administration in India. This is the national association and non-profit registered organization. This national professional organization of the discipline of Political Science came into existence in December, 1938 at Benaras. Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant was its founder President, while Prof. GN Singh was its first General Secretary. Prof. Beni Prasad was the first Editor of the Indian Journal of Political Science, which was first published in September 1939. The chronological list of the conferences and the chief office-bearers is a testimony to the fact that IPSA has travelled throughout the country from Lahore (1940) to Trivendram (1948), from Bombay (1941) to Calcutta (1950), and from Waltair (1957) to Ahmadabad (1966). The aims and intellectual tradition of IPSA are: 

  • Advancement of Political Science;
  • Scientific Study of Politics;
  • Dissemination of Knowledge; and
  • Rigorous Political Enquiry

At present Professor Sushma Yadav (New Delhi) is President; Professor P Madurai Veeran (Tamilnadu) and Professor Santishree D Pandit (Maharashtra) are Vice Presidents. Professor Sanjeev Kumar Sharma (Uttar Pradesh) is the General Secretary and Treasurer of The Indian Political Science Association. Professor Kaushal Kishore Mishra (Uttar Pradesh) is the Editor.The association publishes The Indian Journal of Political Science (quarterly) and Bhartiya Rajniti Vijnan Shodh Patrika (bi-annual).The association regularly publishes a newsletter and the website contains all the required information. The last conference of the association was held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi on 25-27 October 2015. The next conference will be announced very shortly.