Chinese Association of Political Science (Taipei)

  • History
    Chinese Association of Political Science (CAPS) was founded in 1932 at Nanking, and our first president was Mr. Wu-hung Heng, who gave advice to the ROC government on its foreign policy, and it has been one of the most well-established academic communities with long-term history in China. After the communist takeover in the mainland, CAPS re-started their fourth annual congress in 1953 at Taiwan with Dr. Shi-jei Wang elected as the president of the CAPS. In 1970, the journal Chinese Political Science Review(CPSR) was out for publication, and since then it has provided a privileged forum for local and international political scientists to share their high quality studies.
  • The structure of CAPS
    CAPS has its annual congress. Each two years, the congress of CAPS holds an election to change its governing council (GC) members and the new GC elects the president. The secretary-general (SG) is nominated by the president with the consent of the GC. The current president of CAPS is Prof. Hsin-Chih Chen (acting 2017-2019) who is also a professor at the Department of Political Science of the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).
  • Academic activities
    There are several types of academic activities in CAPS within recent years:
    (1) The annual association congress and academic international conference
    (2) Conference seminars and keynote lectures CAPS aims to hold various academic conferences and themed speeches of various theories and strategies in the field of political science.
  • International Participation
    Under the promotion of the former president Yong Wei, CAPS organized a research team called International Political Science Association (IPSA) in April, 1989 and Wei was also one of IPSA’s official members. Later on, it was renamed as Chinese Association of Political Science (Taipei). Ever since then CAPS has regularly attended all the IPSA congress / conferences till now.
  • Journal Publication
    Chinese Political Science Review (CPSR) is a professional journal edited by CAPS. CPSR has been officially equipped with its own editing committee and also a group of censors from outside communities. CPSR accepts Chinese manuscripts from scholars in Taiwan as well as English manuscripts from abroad. Judging from the publications in the last four decades, the contents of CPSR have reflected the shifting focuses of Taiwan’s researches in political science. CPSR has recorded the development of political studies in Taiwan, and it is also a riveting success in the national and international field of political science.