Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Instituto de Ciencias de Gobierno y Desarrollo Estratégico

The Institute of Government Sciences and Strategic Development (ICGDE) was created with the purpose of providing studies and high-level research in the fields of government, politics and strategic development. Aiming for innovation and academic excellence, the ICGDE has a profound impact at the national and international level through associations with high level institutions. Additionally to its functions of teaching and research, the Institute conducts outreach activities with public, private and social organizations to share the generated knowledge. Other functions of the Institute are academic extension with editorial production, formal advising and permanent consultancy. To attain its mission, the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla has created our Institute in order to contribute with strategies and solutions regarding the national development, specifically:

•To prepare high level human resources in government, politics and strategic development studies trough our graduate programs: PhD in Government Sciences and Politics, Master in Public Opinion and Political Marketing, and Master in Governmental Auditing, Accountability and Strategic Management.

•To contribute in training of government officials and political leaders with new methodologies and tools to reinforce the performance of its institutions.

•To generate theoretical and applied research about government, politics and strategic development.

•To offer counseling and advice to political actors, society and government officials.

•To disseminate theoretical knowledge, methodologies and technologies oriented to the analysis of government actions, public policies and civil society participation.


Contact: Mtro. Ignacio Daniel Torres Rodríguez, Interinstitutional Relations

52+ (222) 229-5559