Sao Paulo 2011, IPSA-ECPR Joint Conference: Whatever Happened to North-South?

IPSA-ECPR Conference banner

Whatever Happened to North-South?
February 16 to 19, 2011

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

 IPSA and the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) held their first joint conference exploring the continuing relevance of the international North-South divide. The Conference, hosted by the Brazilian Political Science Association at the University of Sao Paulo, was organized into three broad Themes:

Theme 1:
Changing Patterns of IR/Regional
Convenors: Miriam Prys and Dirk Nabers

Theme 2:
Political Regimes,
Democratic Consolidation and the Quality of
Convenor: Thomas Poguntke

Theme 3:
Economic Trends and
Political, Social and
Cultural Changes
Convenors: Rachel Meneguello and Lucio Rennó