RC26 - Human Rights


Dr. Oscar Pérez de la Fuente

Carlos III University of Madrid
Department of International and Eclesiastical law and Philosophy of Law
Office 15.2.61, c/ Madrid
126 28903 Getafe

Tel: (34)6300405303



Prof. Jędrzej Skrzypczak

Mickiewicz University
Faculty of Political Science and Journalism
Nizinna 32a
Poznań, 61-424



Tatiana  Barandova

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) – St.Petersburg       
Faculty of Political Science




Annie Miller, University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affiars, Westminster, United States, annie.b.miller@ucdenver.edu

Bruno Konbder Comparato, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil, bruno.comparato@unifesp.br

Jeffrey Davis, University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMBC), United States, davisj@umbc.edu

Monique Falcao, Universidade Santa Úrsula, mqfalcao@gmail.com

Ex-officio member (former Chair)                                              

Prof. Alexander Sungurov, National Research University Higher School of Economics – City of St-Petersburg, Russia, asungurov@mail.ru asungurov@hse.ru  

Advisory Board

Prof. Zehra Arat, University of Connecticut, zehra.arat@uconn.edu (Chair RC26 2006-2012)

Mikyoung Kim, Visiting Research Professor Emory University, USA, mkkim_33@hotmail.com (Chair of RC26 2016-2018)

Anja Mihr, Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform and University of Erfurt, Germany, amihr@governance-platform.org (Chair of RC26 2014-2016)

Prof. Alexander Sungurov,National Research University Higher School of Economics – City of St-Petersburg, Russia, asungurov@mail.ru   asungurov@hse.ru (Chair of RC26 2018-2021)

Füsun Türkmen, Galatasaray University, Turkey, fturkmen@gsu.edu.tr (Chair of RC26 2012-2014)




Recognised as study group in 1980; granted research committee status in 1987.



Focuses on the development of internationally recognized human rights. Since its inception, RC 26 has pursued the following research themes: Foundations of human rights in the context of political tension between universal human rights and cultural relativism; the nature of human rights as a political concept; the relationship between democracy, development and human rights; the causes of human rights violations; the place held by human rights in foreign policy-making; the role of international governmental and non-governmental organizations; and transitional justice.