RC18 - Asian and Pacific Studies


Professor, Dr. Angelin Chang, Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, USA, 



Professor and Head, Dr. Meena Bardia, Jai Narain Vyas University, Department of Public Administration, India



Professor, Dr. Teh-Kuang Chang, Ball State University, Department of Political Science, USA



Alexandre Ramos Coelho, University of São Paulo (USP), International Relations Institute at USP (IRI - USP), Brazil


Board Members

Professor Reza Hasmath, University of Alberta, Department of Political Science, Canada, rhasmath@gmail.com

Dean and Professor, Dr. Brendan M. Howe, Ewha Womans University, Graduate School of International Studies, South Korea, bmg.howe@gmail.com

Professor Yuko Kasuya, Keio University, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Japan, ykasuya@keio.jp

Professor, Dr. Tayyab Mahmud, Seattle University, School of Law, USA, mahmud@seattleu.edu

Hsin Yen Phoebe Mok, Soka University, School of International Peace Studies (SIPS), Singapore, phsinyen@gmail.com  

Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor G. Gopal Reddy, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Department: Political Science, India, profgopalreddy@gmail.com

Chief Operating Officer, Angela Sarafian, AI 4 Development Agency (AI4DA), Bulgaria, asarafian@ai4da.com

Associate Professor Grażyna Strnad, Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Non-European Political Studies Department, Poland, grastr@amu.edu.pl

Associate Professor, Dr. Karol Zakowski, University of Lodz, Faculty of International and Political Studies, Poland, kmzakowski@hotmail.com



Recognised as a study group in 1976; granted research committee status in 1979.



Advances the development of Asian and Pacific studies and promotion of the study of political science in Asian and Pacific countries. The work of this committee focuses on the following areas: the modernisation of Asian countries, including the economic and political development of the countries in the Asian and Pacific basin; regional security, including the rise and decline of alliance systems in Asia; and the impact of national integration and world peace.